The project "Eating Death" functions as a provocation, questioning the global imbalance the human species has inflicted upon nature and its processes. Challenging our quest for immortality and current attempt of overpowering nature, this idea explores new ecological more-than-human relationships. 
As a ritualistic tasting experience of beguiling but potent botanical and fungal toxins the project seeks to confront our own mortality with the powers of nature.
Commenced under the lens of “Food in the Anthropocene” with a closer look at natural composting processes, we understood that death in nature is an immanent part of life. Asking why we strive for immortality and reminding us that nothing will last forever, the ritual marks a moment of reflection in one´s life. To bring out the individuality of each toxin, each is prepared and consumed with a specific tool. By `Eating Death´ and knowing of the real risks and powers of nature we take one step closer to death. The idea of respect for nature becomes a very physical experience.
Oil Press for Nuts and Seeds with one-drop spoon, Lollipop Mould for Blossoms, Juice Press for Berries and Frying tongs for Fungi
In collaboration with Denise Schindele, Eszter Zwickl, Jan Raddatz