This project has been developed in collaboration with Sydhavns Compagniet, an NGO and socio-economic company based in Copenhagen. Their main asset is to reintegrate socially vulnerable people into working life via a government-supported employment program. 
Our project aimed at feeding back components that were initially part of the whole, but now mark a “dead end” in the lifecycle to create a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable business. Dealing with the challenges occuring in the making of a product line that will be produced by people with different levels of craft skills and with changing material supplies we designed a product line consisting of a simple stool, a poster hanger and an idea catalogue for creative inspiration. In addition to the product line, we developed a visual identity, and a pop-up stand for public representation. 
In collaboration with Simon Oschwald, Rasmus Degn, Ida Lissner,  My Comét, Lilja Laug Høgh Nilson, Marie Holtan Mogensen, Johan August Christiansen, Josefine Uldall